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To hear travel information in Oregon by phone simply dial 511. The information provided via 511 is that same as displayed on ODOT’s web site,

Please be aware that some phone companies in Oregon do not support the 511 dialing option. If your carrier is among this group you may still access travel conditions using your phone. Dial toll free 1.800.977.ODOT (6368).

If dialing from outside of Oregon dial our toll number 1.503.588.2941

Main Menu Options
  1. Road Conditions by Highway
  2. Road Conditions in Mountain Passes
  3. Road Conditions in Major Cities
  4. Commercial Vehicle Restrictions
  5. Oregon Chain requirements
  6. Traveler Information Phone Numbers for Bordering States
  7. Information about ODOT Improved Road Condition Reporting System

We hope this information is helpful to those that are using our phone system. Please email the TripCheck Support if you have any questions about the changes.

511 Features

You may use TripCheck 511 system’s voice recognition system to ‘speak’ your instructions into the system, just follow the prompts provided. This can speed your use of the system and make selection easier – particularly for cell phone users.

The system will also allow you to interrupt the information being presented if you want to navigate to another menu. For instance, speak ‘highway’ at any time and the system will return you to the Road Conditions by Highway menu option.

If you try to speak and the system is unable to recognize the word, or the telephone line has too much background noise, you will be given three opportunities before the system de-activates the voice prompt. Users for that call will then only be able to use the keypad to enter their choices from the menu above.


View traffic and road condition alerts, view still image traffic cameras, truck restrictions, and mountain pass reports at


View road conditions, closures, and restriction alerts. View still image traffic cameras, weather warnings, and rest area locations at

For statewide traveler information by phone dial 511, or call 1-888-IDA-ROAD (432-7623). For tips and help how to use the Idaho 511 system and menu options visit 511 Phone Help.


Check traffic and road conditions, weather advisories, live and still image traffic cameras at

Highway Conditions by phone dial 1-800-427-7623.

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